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19,12 EUR*
Details The Wiles of War 36 Military Strategies from Ancient China

The present book offers a precise translation of the title and text of each strategy. A purport, based mainly on the original comment but also incorporating ideas from other sources, then expounds the common usage of the tituar idiom and its military ...

25,16 EUR*
Details Doing Business in China: A Guide to the Risks and the Rewards (Economist)

Doing Business in China China has a long history of confounding multinational companies. Many firms have relied on their strategies for developed markets to operate in mainland China. This book examines the strategies that have succeeded and those ...

34,91 EUR*
Details Contemporary Chinese Politics: New Sources, Methods, and Field Strategies

Contemporary Chinese Politics: Sources, Methods, and Field Strategies considers how new and diverse sources and methods are changing the study of Chinese politics. Contributors spanning three generations in China studies place their distinct ...

22,95 EUR*
Details Leaving China: Media, Migration, and Transnational Imagination (World Social Change)

Leaving China An analysis of the significant narrative forms and discursive strategies used in representing transnational space in contemporary China. This includes looking at how stay-at-homes fantasize about faraway or unknown places, and how those ...

116,99 EUR*
Details Multinational Corporation Subsidiaries in China: An Empirical Study of Growth and Development Strategy (Chandos Asian Studies: Contemporary Issues and Trends)

Multinational Corporation Subsidiaries in China This comprehensive study examines the global strategies of multinational corporations (MNCs), the strategic evolution and the categories of their subsidiaries in China based on 150 MNCs'. It is the first ...

15,72 EUR*
Details Asmodee - Days of Wonder 200003 - Gang of Four

3-4 Spieler - ab 10 Jahre - 30 Min. Spieldauer - von Franck Achard und Cyrille Daujean Gang of Four basiert auf einem uralten chinesischen Kartenspiel. Es ist spannend und handelt von Strategie, Intrigen und Macht - wie im alten China. Früher war es ...